Delivering Experiences that Count - Report

Adobe and the WPP’s Government & Public Sector Practice conducted research with more than 7,000 citizens in seven countries to understand what drives a positive experience of online public services.

The research suggests that, unsurprisingly, citizens expect online public services to be highly functional, efficient and well-designed. More fundamentally however, they also want a positive citizen experience that comes from services tailored to their needs, and which promote a closer State-citizen relationship or dialog.

The majority of respondents believe that they currently receive variable levels of service from government online services and this leads to a loss of trust in the ability of governments to meet their needs. Participants in this research believe that government online services - across all seven countries – are at best ‘adequate’ at fully meeting the needs of citizens.

At a time when trust in government is at an all-time low across many countries – and when spending on digital services is high – it is critical that governments look beyond functional efficiency and focus on the areas of online services that matter most to citizens in order to build trust, improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and ensure that the benefits of government services are more easily accessed.