GCN Report: Creating a Citizen-Centric Government

Citizens expect to be able to access any information they need at any time – tax information, benefit forms or trail maps at national parks, to name a few. The internet is synonymous with convenience and instant access to information, and citizens don’t make an exception when they move from Amazon to the IRS website. Yet, as the Internal Revenue Service’s systems crash on tax day this year showed, the expectation of improved digital services does not necessarily produce results.

As the government moves toward user-centered design in their websites, industry thought leaders offer their guidance:

  • John Landwehr, Vice President and Public Sector CTO at Adobe, discusses how agencies can provide online experiences comparable to citizens’ favorite commercial brands.
  • Ben Cathers, Principal Value Consultant at Hootsuite, outlines how effective engagement requires research, experimentation, creativity and flexibility.
  • Deanna Grady, Senior Manager of Federal, State and Local Government Sales at LinkedIn Learning, details how government leadership can help develop the necessary skills within their agencies to create the digital experience users need.
  • Bonnye Hart, Senior Director of Customer Success and Digital Engagement Services at Granicus, details how the citizen journey can be mapped for deeper understanding of current engagement and future improvements.
  • Sean Brophy, Regional Vice President of Public Sector Sales at Tableau Software, discusses how government can fine-tune the citizen experience through enhanced data analytics to gain a larger picture of citizen needs and demands.

Download this report to learn how your agency can become more strategic in their approach to engagement through new developments in technology and platforms happening today.