Why Agencies Should Not Ban Personal Mobile Data Devices at Work

Today’s Innovation in Government report highlights the government’s IT modernization challenges. Bob Stevens, the Vice President of Public Sector for Lookout, says agencies shouldn’t consider banning federal employees from using personal mobile devices at work. Instead, Stevens says, there are technologies that could keep work and personal data separate and secure.

You've probably heard of mobile device managers. That is a good policy enforcement tool, and a great first step towards understanding your mobile infrastructure. There's the mobile threat protection, a solution that is more of an application that resides on the device and allows near real time analytics of the applications and the operating system.

I think containers are another option that helps keep that personal life separate from the work life. Then there's a form of encryption. So it’s not unlike a PC in that it takes, there's multiple layers that need to be put in place, but they are different layers. I don't know that there's a real good understanding of that in the government.

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