Making Cyber Resilience a Priority

Today’s Innovation in Government Report highlights a new way to look at your network’s cybersecurity. Rob Potter, Vice President at Symantec, says that cyber resilience becomes a priority when agencies realize they will be breached.

When you look at the different frameworks that are out there, whether it's NIST, DHS--or Symantec has a framework as well, I think the key thing you see in each one of those is that you have to take a hard look at what is your process for detecting problems, mitigating those problems, and then recovering from those problems.

Problems can be threats. They can be system downs. They can be just about anything right now. But I think when you think about cyber resilience the focus is often, "How do I worry about that advance persistent threat? How do I worry about that insider? How do I worry about that person who's just out there playing around and actually hits a site and does some damage to somebody's infrastructure?"

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