Splunk-Ponemon Survey Results: Assuring Performance and Availability: A Call to Action

Today’s Innovation in Government Report highlights the government’s IT modernization challenges. Adilson Jardim, Area Vice President for Splunk Public Sector Sales Engineering, says respondents have some growing doubts about digital transformation efforts.

We found that in each category that we structured in the response, that the respondents felt the confidence was either more or less the same or had actually declined over the last 12 months. We did a survey last year to a different type of audience. That tells me at the agency level, not only has the confidence declined, but the ability to assure performance and availability is clearly going to decline with that.

Being able to handle more complexity and better systems delivery is declining as well. So this produces to me that sense of urgency to go resolve how these systems and delivery and IT operations should be functioning.

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