Public Cloud Offers Agencies an Accelerated Path to Improving Their Cyber Posture

Featuring MK Palmore, Director of the Office of the CISO at Google Cloud.

I believe that there are three pillars that will be a component of any transformation effort. And they are cloud adoption, automation and Zero Trust. And so when you break those down, we spent nearly the entirety of this conversation talking about cloud adoption. I think that organizations need to look to adopt, to the degree that they can, mature tools and services that provide some level of automation in their security environments.
Great example of this is, you know, the use of SOAR playbooks, in addition to or as an adjunct to your security operations features. We have a tool from our product, Simplify, that allows organizations to actually build out playbooks that create automation in terms of how to address the thousands upon thousands of alerts that most organizations see in the course of the day.
When you make an investment in public cloud, certainly we feel like we have to make a commensurate investment or one that exceeds yours. So that as we partner on this idea of reducing your risk in terms of your cloud presence, it's one that's real, it's sustainable to you.
And you can actually point to examples where it's happening real-time so that that investment that you make that you're not so, you know, hard-tested or hard-aligned to the idea of, am I saving a dollar for every dollar investment? Is your security posture increasing? Are you reducing the risk to the enterprise by eliminating potential vectors of attack to your information as it exists in the cloud environment? And these are all things that are necessary and need to be evaluated.