Changing Workflows and Increased Efficiencies

Today’s Innovation in Government Report highlights the challenges of large data sets and the opportunities they provide agencies. Keith Lockhart, Vice President with AccessData, discusses changing workflows and increased efficiencies.

I see a couple opportunities on both sides of the house, and one is from the education stand point; changing workflow. I see the opportunity to take the pain from hardware away. We can provide technological solutions that mean you don’t have to go buy the beefiest of hardware anymore. You don’t have to ship things all over the country; we can access them remotely. Moving the investigative work to the cloud; moving it to scale. If you need five things today, that’s great! If you need hundred things tomorrow, that’s great. You can go back to five the next day if you need to.

Scalability eliminates a lot of those financial burdens; a lot of those “keep up with the Joneses’” hardware burdens. Changing the workflow, though difficult sometimes, in the end really changes the way they get the work done.

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