Moving Apps to Today's Cloud for Google

Today’s Innovation in Government report highlights the government’s IT modernization challenges. Chris Townsend, the Vice President of Federal for Symantec, says, when moving apps to the cloud, agencies have more to consider today than ever before.

A lot of the agencies that are moving to the cloud don't realize that you have to absorb some additional costs as you move to the cloud over time. Same with your security environment. You've got a security stack or a security environment on-prem, now you need to stand up a separate security environment in the cloud. How do you do that without exacerbating the existing problem of complexity and cost? By building an integrated security platform that extends from on-prem into the cloud.

For example, a lot of agencies have stood up DLP. DLP is a very complex system, but if you can extend your on-prem DLP policies into the cloud through a cloud access security broker through an integrated architecture, it really solves for that complexity.

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