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Last year, a cyber espionage group known as Thrip compromised satellite communications and defense organizations. It worked quietly inside systems, using their own tools against them. But Symantec’s Targeted Attack Analytics sounded the alarm. With one of the largest threat databases in the world, it employed AI and machine learning, coupled with a highly instrumented and focused data set, to spot patterns no one else saw. A threat data repository is only as good as the amount of data collected. Symantec’s automation and machine learning saved hundreds of hours of time that human analysis would have taken.

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Modernization needs to start with Security

"Not only are legacy systems incredibly expensive to maintain, they are also difficult to secure, especially given the patchwork nature of the existing IT infrastructures at most agencies."

Targeted Attack Analytics

"Existing security prevention tools cannot block sophisticated, previously unknown living off the land attacks that use tools already on the targeted system."

Keeping Data in Bound cover

Keeping Data in Bound

"Agencies need the ability to enforce a DLP policy... otherwise, agencies either risk exposing valuable and sensitive data to adversaries, or restrict data access so severely that modern mobility and cloud technologies become all but useless."