The COVID-19 Vaccine Management is ‘the Workflow Challenge of a Lifetime’

Featuring Jonathan Alboum, Federal CTO at ServiceNow.

I think that the direction is to have workspaces full to only 25 percent. So if you have an operation that has some people coming in, you have to make sure that you have the right people coming in at the right times. There’s this idea of shift scheduling that has to be implemented, and you have to be able to maintain perfect physical distancing in the office.
So again these are all changes that sound easy but I think the devil is in the details with these things. And again digital technologies have a way to make this a little bit easier to manage in my opinion, you know the further opportunity to bring it all together in some kind of dashboard and make it easy for leadership to see what it all looks like and make good management decisions is I think really essential, too.
COVID vaccine management I think is the workflow challenge of our lifetime. When you just think about the complexity of the number of entities involved in the private sector, the companies that make the vaccine, the companies that ship the vaccine, the companies that create, that make the equipment that’s used to deliver a vaccine, let alone the number of Federal agencies involved and state and local entities involved – there are so many players, being able to coordinate across all of those different entities is really, really hard.
And if we want to make sure that the vaccine distribution is very effective and very equitable we need to really think about vaccine delivery as a workflow. It’s a process with some very clear steps. And it’s not just one workflow but it’s a lot of these across all these different levels.