Improving User Experience Speeds Modernization Efforts

Featuring Eva Skidmore, the Vice President of Public Sector for Salesforce.

Currently, there ends up being a siloed focus: There's the IT organization, there are the program managers and business leads, and then there are the customer-facing program leaders. If all three of those organizations come together, that's when it becomes a really efficient cross-functional system.
When we think about how government decision-making ends up being federated, if you offer that customer-centric approach to modernization and help teams across agencies figure out what's best for them, it helps that program business and IT team use the cloud and use this open platform to realign and automate and scale.
The technology is designed to enable people to be more efficient and more effective. And as part of the modernization process, picking a platform, picking a trusted provider based upon certain criteria, is going to be essential to success. If it is fast and easy to implement, it is secure, it is compliant: It enables you as an IT organization and you as a program to be agile and customer-centric. All of these factors play a really important role in whether you are setting yourself up for long term sustainability and cost savings over time.