Risk Management is No Longer a Static Measure

Today’s Innovation in Government Report highlights the government’s IT modernization challenges. Dan Carayiannis, the Director of Public Sector for RSA, says risk management is no longer a static measure.

Predominantly right now in the commercial market but we're seeing it more emerging in the government market space, are putting another factor on the table in how they think about risk. Most people think about risk. In the old days, it's red, yellow, green, or it's a factor of 1 to 10. On a scale, what's the prioritization of a risk, using very sophisticated algorithms in some cases. This concept of quantitative risk management really is starting to associate a cost factor to that risk. What’s the cost to me to address something that's deemed a high priority or a vulnerability that needs to be addressed? What's the cost to me if I don't do that and something bad were to happen?

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