Hybrid IT Environment Opens the Door for Agencies to Modernize

Featuring Dave Egts, the Chief Technologist for Red Hat North America Public Sector.

Containers were popular the past couple of years. The big trend now is that, "Okay, this is great. How do we get them into production, and how do you orchestrate them at scale?" And that's where – talking about open source again – the Kubernetes project, which was started by Google, is like the de facto standard for container orchestration, of being able to have multiple containers.
But as your demands grow, for instance, imagine you're the IRS and it's tax season, you want to be able to spin up a lot of containers to put up with the load. But once that's done, you could have those systems quiesce and just go away to free up resources and make your workloads a lot more elastic.
There’s a lot of opportunities there for people to move to the cloud, but the reality is that as you do your application modernization, there may be some workloads that wouldn’t be a good candidate. The whole thought of having that open substrate that allows you to standardize and be successful in your private data center and extend that to the public cloud, allows you to train people on one set of technologies and move to the cloud at the pace that they feel comfortable. But by having that be the same, they can accelerate their movement to the cloud.