Protecting Public Sector IT White Paper

Public sector security teams today face a daunting task: protecting mission-critical infrastructures that have a level of complexity and interdependence never seen before.

Yesterday’s security tools are not effective at keeping today’s organizations safe, and neither is yesterday’s security strategy. With a legacy view that no data loss is acceptable and all data should be equally protected, some government agencies are suffering from security fatigue; in spite of intense, prolonged effort, they struggle to effectively manage risk and protect their most important data.

Forward-thinking public sector organizations, in contrast, are beginning to realize that all data is not created equal. They are prioritizing and dedicating a higher level of protection to sensitive information about mission-critical infrastructures (such as transportation and power grids) and personal data. They’re working with operational leaders to identify where sensitive data lives in the infrastructure. And they’re focused on protecting what matters most as part of a comprehensive operational and enterprise risk management strategy.

At RSA, we embrace the concept of business-driven security—an approach that operates at the nexus of business and security. This additional layer of intelligence across your risk management and security programs prioritizes security efforts by aligning risk with business goals, and uses tools to manage IT risk as a core business process.