Protect Critical Data from Cyber Destruction

Today’s Innovation in Government report highlights the government’s IT modernization challenges. Brad Montgomery, Director of Presales Engineering with Dell EMC, discusses how agencies can protect their critical data from cyber destruction.

This isn’t for all data, necessarily. It's for the crown jewels. The social security numbers, the credit cards that that organization may have, the data that if it was lost, it would mean devastation for the organization. So that's the data that we want to protect. That's the data that we want to move over based on the SLAs that we have, and we want to set up a security zone so that we can test that data. We want to make sure that if, by any chance, ransomware ended up on the data that was moved over to the cyber vault, we can test it, we can scrub it. If we aren't successful in removing it, we can blow it away and start again. That's part of the power of having an air gap solution. You can use it as a test bed in order to find the solution and mitigate it before it becomes an issue.

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