The Zero Trust Approach to Cyber Starts from the Inside

Featuring John Davis, Vice President of Public Sector at Palo Alto Networks.

There are a couple of key concepts here for Zero Trust. The first one is it's a change in approach. The Zero Trust approach is about from going from the inside out and protecting things at the lowest possible level that you can draw a perimeter.
And the second big concept is that means if you take an inside out approach, it's that shrinking things down to what is most important to protect in an organization and then making sure that you're able to have fine granular controls, visibility and protections around that protect surface.
One of the biggest challenges is trying to get at this problem using only people solutions, and you can't. You will never have enough. There are estimates that we’re short over a million people in cybersecurity-related jobs already. There's no path to creating the number of people that we need using the legacy approach.
Now people are important, certainly are important, but you need to save your people for what only people can do better than machines like hunting and deep analysis. If you start leveraging machines to fight machines and software to fight software, then you put yourself in a much better posture.