Meeting Citizens' Expectations

Today’s Innovation in Government Report highlights the government’s IT modernization challenges. Randy Wood, the Vice President of U.S Public Sector Sales for Akamai, says agencies have to find the right balance between security and meeting citizen’s expectations and needs.

So much of what the government does, especially civilian government is citizen services, right? Increasingly this is delivered via an electronic type experience, an internet experience. What I aspire as a citizen interacting with the government is the best experience. Part of that experience is transparent security. I want the security to be there. I don't want it to be a big hassle. I just want it to be sort of an elegant transparent thing. So yeah the applications that we expose to citizens, I think need to conform and subscribe to that same zero trust model where security is there and it's the best that we can provide, while not impeding the experience that I have with the application.

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