Identify Cyber Risks Before Investing in New Tools

Today’s Innovation in Government report highlights the government’s IT modernization challenges. Chris Townsend, the Vice President of Federal for Symantec, says agencies must identify their biggest cyber risks before they invest in new tools.

These state-sponsored threats, these focused attacks, are ultimately going to get into the environment. Instead of trying to throw every resource we have at building a hard perimeter around our environment, how do we first identify our high value assets, and then make our investments to buy down the vulnerability to those high value assets? That's really what we mean in terms of buying down risk.

So the shift for our chief information security officers, our CISOs, starts to shift away from being technology experts and more focused on doing business analysis and understanding how to quantify the risk associated with a particular asset, and how to invest our limited resources in limiting the risk around our core assets in our organization.

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