Serving Customers in Spite of Hackers’ Continued Aggression

Today’s Innovation in Government Report highlights the government’s IT modernization challenges. Dan Carayiannis, the Director of Public Sector for RSA, says agencies need to figure out how to continue to serve their customers in spite of hackers’ continued aggression.

We all read recently about a large city in the southeast that was subject to a ransomware attack. Unfortunate reality is a lot of their services got shut down to the public they serve. It would be nice if they could just tell a ransomware hacktivist, "Hey, go ahead and take what you want. We already have a backup of everything in another data center. We'll be online in 24 hours, and have a nice day." Back to this thing about resiliency. If I can't back up everything, how do I back up, to your point earlier - about my critical assets - how do I at least make sure that those are in a place where I can quickly flip a switch, and I can continue to provide services to the public that I serve?

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