Agencies Need Force Multiplying Technologies to Manage Cyber Threats

Featuring Dennis Reilly, the Vice President of Federal at Gigamon.

You need to be able to secure and see all your network traffic on the physical network, your virtual environment, and now with more and more agencies shifting workflows to the cloud, you have to be able to extend that visibility into the cloud, because you need to be able to see if there's a breach, if there's lateral movement. It could be command and control, staging for exfiltration, or if data's being exfiltrated as well.
And the other area that we're seeing a lot emphasis is, we have to be able to handle encrypted traffic, because 78% of the traffic now is encrypted. If you can't see into that encrypted traffic through something called break and inspect, you're blind to too much of the threat.
You always want to get the greatest return financially for every dollar you invest, but you also want to get the maximum return on readiness and improved cyber security posture for every dollar you invest. So what that leads you to is finding those force multiplying technologies that you would acquire through the CDM program. A great example again is the next generation network packet broker, because it helps all of your cyber security tools – and your network and application performance tools – work at peak performance.
You might have a dozen, 20, maybe even 30 tools in your network to help you see, secure, and manage the data going across that network. If you can get all of them to improve just by 20 or 30%, that's a tremendous return.