GCN Report: Designing the New Cloud

The $10 billion JEDI cloud contract and countless smaller initiatives have all shown government’s acceptance of cloud as a primary driver for modernization. Almost half of all federal agencies are already using cloud technology, and the focus has shifted from adoption to optimization of current and future cloud resources. Legislation has followed suit in this transition, including the Modernizing Government Technology Act, which provides a central fund for agency modernization projects, and the “Report to the President on Federal IT Modernization,” which stressed the use of commercial clouds and shared services.

As agency leaders gear up to increase the efficiency of their current cloud deployments or expand to new ones, industry leaders offer their insight into some of the possibilities the cloud makes possible:

  • Kevin Paschuck, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the Public Sector Business Unit at Salesforce, discusses how agencies can create a secure environment without hindering employee collaboration and delivery of citizen services.
  • Barton Phillips, Vice President of Enterprise Sales at DocuSign, provides an overview of how government can better manage documents as they move through agency workflows.
  • Gary Wootten, Vice President of Public Sector at SpringCM, reviews how records management can be streamlined and automated with cloud technology.
  • Lynn Lannin, Vice President of Professional Services, and Chad Kelly, Senior Director of Technical Architecture at Publicis.Sapient, discuss how mobile apps can deliver high-value services to constituents.
  • Courtney Tandeciarz, Director of Acumen Solutions, describes how cloud technologies can allow agencies to communicate with citizens via any channel and quickly identify and respond to issues.
  • Saša Erić, Senior Manager at Deloitte Digital, discusses how moving from infrastructure as a service to software as a service in agency cloud deployments can unlock more value in cloud migrations.
  • Tom Padgett, Senior Vice President, and Laura Grant, Head of Digital Innovation at SAP, write about how choosing a cloud partner based on its commitment to innovation and security will pay untold dividends.
  • Tim Solms, Vice President of Public Sector at Cloudera, reviews how agencies need the compute capacities and high-volume storage of the cloud if they are to realize the advanced analytical capabilities that will unlock new insights.

Download this report to learn how your agency can consolidate its cloud resources to support your mission while taking advantage of the latest innovations.