How to Prepare Employees to Succeed in a Hybrid Workplace

Featuring Matt Mandrgoc, Head of U.S. Public Sector at Zoom.

You're starting to see this evolution of how government's looking, embracing this around a people-centric workplace. The workplace can be anywhere that individual may be, and they're putting in the policies and procedures to actually adapt to that.
There's five things that really tie into how you would look for a successful communications, collaboration solution. Cloud based and its ease of use become the number one thing I've heard from every single customer. They can turn it on and they know how to use it, and they know it's secure and it's scalable. Now Zoom has these things where you can create a room and you can have different people sitting up, playing different types of immersive things to make this even feel more of a human-to-human interaction and human connection extensibility.
This becomes important because in our commercial version, we have hundreds of integrations with different solutions. We are also working on a Zoom for Government platform to actually get the integration with other FedRAMP solutions. So think about the fact that not only we do this here, but can you if I have a FedRAMP version of an investment that has another solution I use, and I can integrate two solutions together. That's automating the process and making it easier for them.