SolarWinds’ Transparency Trying to Ensure Others are Safer from Cyber Attacks

Featuring Sudhakar Ramakrishna, President and CEO at SolarWinds.

In every experience, whether it's a bug or a security breach, there is something to be learned that will fortify what we can do going forward to make it that much more difficult for a threat actor to perform their duties, so to speak. And so, we are approaching this in exactly the same way.
I also have another attitude which is one dissatisfied customer or one impacted customer is one too many. So, keep the customer in focus. Keep the constant learning are these experiences in focus and continue to improve your processes, your tools, your training, your behaviors, to help to build a more safer set of environments.
Security should not be an afterthought of delivering a product. So we do pen testing, we do post software analysis of the security of our software, all those are required. But I would say those are not sufficient and security needs to be planned in or designed in, so to speak.
And that needs to happen at the infrastructure level, that needs to happen in the build systems, that needs to happen in the build processes, and more broadly, in the consciousness and the training of the company. So the learning or if you want to think of it as the action that we're taking, is how do we incorporate that across those dimensions within the entire company?