Agencies Can Connect the Data to Drive Productivity Improvements

Featuring Chris Aherne, Vice President of Federal at Smartsheet.

First tenet is usability. And you need to have a capability that's out there that folks can learn in a matter of hours or days as opposed to months. That's a big tenet. And then the other part is cloud, right? So if you think about it, hey, I'm working on an Excel I'm working on a Google Doc, I'm working on something that  only I can see, you know, then I have to save it, then I have to email it to you.
And then I have to report on it and get my boss, right, and all those sorts of things while I'm jumping from tool to tool and place to place. I mean, the average person I saw study from Pegasystems, switches screens 1100 times a day, right? So it's not necessarily the best way to work. And CWM is a platform where, you know, leveraging the cloud, again, you can do all that stuff in one place.
From a project management perspective, a lot of the alternatives out there kind of in the older generation of solutions are desktop based, and they're difficult to share and,  consequently, because almost every project involves multiple people, multiple teams and those sorts of things, it becomes a natural bottleneck if you can't share the data in terms of what's going on. Right.
And typically, if I'm running a project, I need people to review various documents and things like that. I need people to approve things, I need those sorts of things. And yeah, doing that in some of the old school legacy products, if you will, is difficult to do. So  it was really that ability to kind of have a simpler interface and get more work done and allow people to see what you're doing.