Agencies Must Lean on Technology to Improve Employee Connections, Collaborations

Featuring Kevin Brooks, Principal Digital Strategist for DoD and US Intelligence Community at ServiceNow.

Listening posts where we capture their feedback in a more consistent manner, rather than just having a annual employee survey, this little listening post goes out every once  in a while - with whatever periodic cycle you want to use it on - and you're able to get the employees' feedback.
We do same thing for learning posts where we can elevate that training environment for that individual employee, or an experience pack where HR can build a set of experiences for a particular work group, if we know people are coming in. And that works really well with interns, or fellows. And then lifecycle events - so working through tough times as a unit, is something we want to make sure we do as well.
We're at an inflection point. COVID kind of drove the Federal government to make some fast decisions faster, things that were probably coming, but they had to get there sooner. Don't go back. Don't go back.
This is an inflection point, we have an opportunity to actually keep the pedal down and go, you've got to, like we talked about you have two restive generations coming into the workforce, they're gonna have different expectations. You've got Gen Xers like us who think we're technical, so hey, we're willing to roll with it. So as we rise to more senior levels, use us and use that that the opportunity that COVID has provided to actually elevate your transformations and keep going.