GCN Report: The Next Wave of Cybersecurity

Government agencies have long known that cybersecurity cannot rely only on technology and that compliance with current government policies is not enough. According to Newsweek, 71 of 96 federal agencies lack fundamental cybersecurity policies or have significant gaps in their cybersecurity programs.

There are efforts underway to update cybersecurity policies. Legislation introduced in July, for example, would make CDM a law and empower DHS to modernize the program. When such efforts are combined with government and industry innovations, agencies will have a solid yet adaptable foundation on which to grow their cybersecurity approaches in a continually changing environment.

In this GCN Report, you will:

  • Read about how Veterans Affairs is creating a resilient cyber security ecosystem from Dominic Cussatt, chief information officer at the Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Hear about why the government needs to combine the power of FedRAMP and TIC to build trusted environments in the cloud from Stephen R. Kovac, Vice President of Global Government and Compliance at Zscaler.
  • Learn how agencies can outsmart cyber threats with the help of machine intelligence as written by Barry Leffew, Senior Vice President and General Manager of National Security Software.
  • See what Paul Battagalia, Vice President of Government Sales at Blackberry, has to say about how mobile devices are the new frontier for hackers and adversaries — and for the agencies that must secure them.
  • Read about how finding the right mix of security tools involves being flexible and focusing on outcomes from Patrick Sullivan, Senior Director of Global Security Strategy at Akamai.
  • Learn from Chris Usserman, Principal Security and Threat Intelligence Advisor at Infoblox, on how integral automation and orchestration are to maturing your cybersecurity program.
  • Hear about outwitting attackers by pinpointing vulnerabilities and building strategic partnerships from Bill Rucker, President of Trustwave Government Solutions

Download this report to learn how your agency can navigate through the increasingly treacherous sea of cyberthreats using emerging tools and tactics.