Platform as a Service Enables Cloud Implementation

Hunter Downey, Cloud Senior Director for NS2, shares his insights on how government agencies are moving to the cloud
to better power agency missions and strategies.

The absolute cornerstone of cloud is on platform as a service. What this means is an organization can identify certain systems they want to move into the cloud, that infrastructure, but they get the one thing that's been missing in the cloud industry for the last couple of years. Remote experts to support them in their transition. That's the heartbeat of actually what we do at NS2, but think of it this way. If you have a cough, the last thing you're going to do is call a chiropractor. If you're going to the cloud, you want the absolute experts at all layers of your solution, and you want that as a service. And that's where the industry is going today.

Federal agencies today, their primary focus is making sure the agency mission is met. We’re talking about budget, procurement, finance. They have a strategic vision on how to help the country. This vision doesn’t naturally translate to virtual machine uptime. That’s the reason why service levels need to be changed to accommodate the business. Imagine, we are a federal agency, and we said “We want to improve the way we do budget and do transparency. We’re going to get an application to support that mission, and that’s going to be the service level to the agency.” That’s what every agency needs.

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