The Benefits of AI and Machine Learning

Today’s Innovation in Government report highlights the government’s big data challenges. Keith Lockhart, Vice President for AccessData, shares the benefits of AI and machine learning and how they are improving public sector investigations.

There's 10,000,000 documents. I want to give you a sampling of what's important to me and what's not important. Computer, go find me patterns like that and show me the 5,000,000 that remain hopefully, and you do. But, then, so you’ve turned a pyramid upside down at this point, the next time you have a more refined set and it knows what you’re after. So, iteratively applying that refinement, you have a smaller set next time, and the next time, and eventually you have a handful of things that are really responsive to your needs.

That’s kind of the evolution of let’s at least take the menial job out of it. You know what, computer? Instead of me grading these 5,000 reports from all these students, you do it. It's the same stuff written a different way. Do I really have to keep doing this? No. The computer can give you the ones that you that you would need – or the technology could give you the ones that were refined down to “you need to look at these.”

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