Viewing Mobile Device Security Through a Similar Lens as Desktop or Laptop Security

Today’s Innovation in Government report highlights the government’s IT modernization challenges. Bob Stevens, the Vice President of Public Sector for Lookout, says agencies must consider a host of issues as they continue to develop and improve upon their mobile device security strategies. Steven says agencies have to view mobile device security through a similar lens as they do desktop or laptop security.

It’s a few things. They need to understand the infrastructure, and understand the potential risk. It’s not just the vulnerabilities on devices, it's also malware in the applications themselves. It's the man in the middle attacks, it's the browsing that employees do.

I think government agencies also need to understand that their employees are using their personal devices to accomplish work, because it's easier for them. Start to embrace it. Try and help the employees become more productive while ensuring that the security of the mobile devices is where you need it to be.

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