The Changing Definition of Cyber Resilience

Today’s Innovation in Government Report highlights cyber resilience as a strategic tool in network defense. Rob Potter, Vice President at Symantec, says that the definition of cyber resilience is changing.

The definition of resilience has moved from "I'm going to block everything," to "Hey I really need to understand that, I've got gaps in my infrastructure" which is okay. We do the best we can to block. But then it becomes really important--what kind of intelligence do I have inside my network to recognize the anomalies, have visibility into that network and communications, and more importantly what are the policies and the technologies that drive that for things like data loss prevention and encryption that then protect my data—so that if--for some reason--someone does get in, they can't take that information outside the environment and either use it against me, use it for profit, or criminalize that information?

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