Protect Yourself from Antivirus Whitepaper

Despite attempts to pivot from outdated security methodologies, legacy antivirus continues to fail in preventing security breaches on the endpoint. Although AV satisfies many regulatory, governance and compliance requirements by layering on multiple products, it saddles organizations with hidden costs while providing questionable security value. Case in point: although legacy AV solutions “protect” nearly every endpoint and server in the world, security breaches are still on the rise. Organizations that choose to replace legacy AV with more advanced technologies should select a security product that not only provides superior security value at the endpoint but also complements and natively integrates with a security platform to provide even higher levels of security across the environment.

This document highlights some of the hidden costs of operating an antivirus system – costs that may be intangible, difficult to quantify or unquestioned due to precedence. It also outlines five security requirements that any AV replacement technology or product must meet to prevent security breaches on the endpoint. The document concludes with a discussion of how Palo Alto Networks® Traps™ advanced endpoint protection enables organizations to replace their legacy antivirus with a multi-method approach to prevention that protects their endpoints from both known and unknown threats.