GCN Report: Modernizing Cybersecurity

In a world where cyberattacks are growing in frequency and cost, evolving to combat the next threat is crucial to the day-to-day operation of agencies everywhere. Enter the adaptive response platform, a new form of cyber defense pioneered by Splunk and reinforced by each of the thought leaders featured in this report. Hackers and nation states are already adapting to your defenses – make your defenses adapt ahead of them.

Splunk’s platform offers integration with the following tools that help provide crucial parts of the Adaptive Response Framework agencies need to follow to stay secure:

  • CyberArk authenticates accounts – both human and non-human – for notable events.
  • ForeScout offers instant visibility across all devices the instant they connect to a network, controls their access and orchestrates responses to suspicious behavior.
  • Insight Engines enables users to write “plain English” search queries to easily detect, alert, investigate and visualize cyberthreats without learning Splunk Search Processing Language (SPL).
  • Okta allows for the enabling or disabling of two-factor authentication for certain users, in addition to disabling the user ID entirely for particular cases.
  • Palo Alto Networks allows tagging of IP addresses to send to the firewall for automated policy enforcement.
  • Qmulos offers next-generation risk management applications to align real-time control monitoring with operational security.
  • Recorded Future provides threat intelligence from its research severs to add further context to a notable event report.

Download this Innovation in Government Report to learn how your agency can preempt the next cyber breach and prevent the cyberattacks of tomorrow – and every day after.