Cyber Leaders Share Insights on Zero Trust

Carahsoft is proud to bring together thought leaders from government and industry to discuss the programs and legislation that matter to public sector missions. Learn more about trends in zero trust from public sector leaders and industry experts that are working together to secure the government from the latest threats and institute best practices as agencies move to a mobile workforce and cloud eliminates the traditional boundaries of the network.

Watch the discussion below, and read more about the panel from moderator Jason Miller, Federal News Network’s Executive Editor, on Federal News Network.

Karlene Berger headshot

Karlene Berger
Sr. Director for GTM Strategy,

Chris Kubic headshot

Chris Kubic
CISO, Fidelis Cybersecurity

Brandon Heller headshot

Brandon Heller
Co-Founder and CTO, Forward Networks

The Role of Assessment

It is a question of, first, you know, assessment - internal assessment ensuring that the investments made thus far are evaluated, right, of what do we have, where do we inventory, and then where do we architect from there.

Zero Trust Cybersecurity

Really when you get down to it, Zero Trust is really based on this notion of risk-aware access control. And in my opinion, that's what makes the cybersecurity monitoring such a critical component of Zero Trust. It's really the thing that's going to assess the risk of the communications and determine whether or not it's safe to share the data.

The Challenge of Data

The data is a challenge of: what do I have; how is it connected; and, in a world of constant network change, constant endpoint, change constant, churn, how is everything now connected? And so the biggest challenge I think is knowing what you've got and how it's connected.