Buying Down Cybersecurity Risk to the Max

Today’s Innovation in Government Report highlights the government’s IT modernization challenges. Dennis Reilly, the Vice President of Federal Sales for Gigamon, says agencies need to buy down cybersecurity risk to the maximum extent.

Here’s why buying down cybersecurity risk is so important. Up until now the breaches have dealt primarily with loss of personally identifiable information, or small financial losses such as encrypting your laptop and holding it hostage for a few hundred or thousand dollars in bitcoin. Going forward the threats are going to be to flesh blood and steel. Think opening the flood gates of a dam above a town, polluting a city’s water supply from a chemical plant, or holding hostage a transportation system for airlines and flight trainings that are underway or a car on the highway. These are the kind of threats we are looking at now, and that is why it’s so important for every budget dollar of federal cyber security money to buy down cybersecurity risk to the maximum extent.

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