A Holistic Perspective of Cybersecurity Data

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Today’s Innovation in Government report highlights the government’s IT modernization challenges. Gary DePreta, the Area Vice-President for Defense, Intelligence, and Aerospace at Splunk, says cybersecurity data needs to be understood from a more holistic perspective.

What I do find is that a lot of agencies are sort of viewing it in a security silo. At Splunk what we say is, "No, what you should really do is not worry about the question you're going to ask before you go decide on seeking out which device or which data you're going to look at." You should really ingest all your data. Today's technology, you know, allows you to use things like machine learning and to look for just anomalies in that data. And you don't know where those attack vectors are going to come from. It’s not the end-all be-all, but it's foundational, right? If you don't have access and visibility to data across your enterprise, then you're challenged. You're limited.

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