A Different Approach to Cybersecurity

Today’s Innovation in Government Report highlights the government’s IT modernization challenges. Dennis Reilly, the Vice President of Federal Sales for Gigamon, says agencies are taking a different approach to cybersecurity that’s focused on data and where it lives on the network.

I see more and more agencies thinking about security from the inside out. Know what I have in my environment, know where my data is, know what's happening on my network, and then secure it. The underlying premise there is you need to be able to see it to secure it, so you have to have visibility. Data at rest, encrypt it. Know who's on your network with strong identity management.

The tougher problem that I think agencies are finding is the data in motion that traverses a network. The reason that's becoming a tougher problem is it used to be we just had the physical infrastructure, but now we have the virtual environment, the software-defined environment, and as you know, with the current administration, a move to the cloud.

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