In-Q-Tel: The Translator Between DOD, Start-ups

Featuring Barry Leffew, the vice president of government platform accelerator for In-Q-Tel

AI can be used as an enabling technology in many different types of technology, stacks or stovepipes. But also AI can be a tremendous enabler for enterprise technology, right? Enterprise technology's advancing in terms of our ability to process and store massive amounts of data and information.
Being able to then layer AI enables us to do faster analysis, support decision making, and actually identify new ways of solving problems. And then AI also becomes a key enabler of cyber because of its ability to rapidly detect and respond to cyber threats.”
We're starting to see people utilize quantum in some limited ways, right? One of the most important things for us is to really address what's called 'post quantum encryption,' which is to be able to make sure that our encryption devices can't be broken by our adversaries' quantum computers.
So that's a really big area of focus right now, Jason, and then we are seeing the testing and development of quantum computers. Not only very specialized computers, but figuring out how to miniaturize them, how to bring in a quantum computer so that it can be stored in a standard data center and processed in a regular type of data center environment.”