Increasing the Value of Data Starts with Further Breaking Down Silos

Featuring Sudhir Hasbe, Neo4j’s Chief Product Officer.

So what we mean by that is yes, we may be combining the data into a single platform, we may be making it accessible and shareable with each other. But do you really understand the relationships between the different types of data that you have? Can you go ahead and understand, take, for example, the cyber threat or, like, you know, if you if you're looking at cyber intelligence and cyber threat, there is data that's coming from the web assets, and you need to understand where threats are coming there, you need to understand how, like, you know, the the networks are designed how, like, you know, different users are using the platforms, which accounts have access to what there is lot of complexity in different data assets.
And it's not just about can you just break the silo put it into a single system, but can you build, for example, a graph on top of it, so you understand the entities but also their relationships so you can then figure out how to make better decisions on top of it that will let you make more better decisions. So it's not just having more data, break down the silos but also understand the relationships between these data assets is critical for for all the agencies
It's not just like we have structured entities and relationships. But these documents this unstructured data images, those can also be part of the same data assets. And you can then get benefit out of both like structured and unstructured data that agencies have. And what comes to my mind is imagine like Lockheed Martin, which has like massive manufacturing side they have bill of material that stored in grafts, but the parts manual may not be there yet.
Now you put the parts manual along with Bill of Material, it unlocks so many different ways that I want to fix. I want to go and fix some problem that is there in particular program Hey, how do I do it? Oh, just search for the documents, figure it out. And then what parts do I need along with it? You can solve that problem.