2 Tactics to Help Agencies Make Data-Driven Decisions Faster

Winston Chang, Chief Technology Officer for Global Public Sector at Snowflake, explores several considerations as agencies continue to develop their data-centric approaches.

And that is because you can put on top of it policies that are automated, that automatically check, you can watch the metadata that moves back and forth. So, in that case, we actually reduce two pieces of this, we reduce the size, or the issues of the technology, how quickly you can connect. And then we can actually reduce the process procedure policy piece. And that completely changes the entire game, right?
Because I don't think I've ever met a civil servant who doesn't want to accomplish their mission. Civil servants - in contractors, in the whole federal-scape - they are all here because they believe in a mission, right? The problem comes in the risk assessment. When it comes to collaboration and sharing, there's just too high of risk, you know, this dataset will land me in jail for 50 years if I don't control it properly. So therefore, everything comes back to controlling risk. That can be reduced with technology. That's why those processes improve. And then now that culture of wanting to collaborate that mission focus culture, more so than I think even the commercial sector will ever see can really come forth and it can come forth organically.