Critical Factors in the Continued Cloud Modernization Journey

Featuring Jay Fohs, Senior Customer Advocate for Financial & HealthCare Agencies at Veritas.

So moving to the cloud, I think has two critical factors in front of it. It's the security aspects and or the relevancy of the data. And then it also has to do with what is the criticality of that application? What are its uptime requirements?
When we look at our cloud providers and a lot of the native tools that they are in the business of helping provide, how well do they do from an availability standpoint? You know, ransomware cyber threats. They're coming from a lot of different places. How well are those infrastructures secure as well?
You know, in the Data Protection space, Resiliency and Recovery is really important. But it also has to be done at scale,  depending on your strategy and how you've stored and/or saved your information. If you can't get it back in a timely manner, then that just drags on and allows those cybercriminals to have an upper hand.
So make sure you're looking at how well that recovery process works. Because if the data is on site versus in the cloud, and based on how large that application is, that's really, really going to impact your recovery process.