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In this eBook, numerous federal CX, innovation and IT leaders — as well as experts from Adobe, DocuSign, Granicus, Qualtrics and Salesforce — share their perspective alongside tactics for reimagining how agencies interact with those they serve. Featuring insights from government agencies, including:
  • Agencies target 5 common ‘life experiences’ to improve customer services in government
  • State Department sees online passport renewal as key CX tool amid ‘unprecedented demand’
  • Updated VA app gives homeless veterans access to service providers in minutes
  • OPM plans to overhaul main website, prioritize customer experience
  • Homeland Security undertakes effort to boost its staff of CX experts

Customer experience pervades every aspect of what the government does — and some might argue, why it exists.
What’s more, it has become profoundly clear that everyone is a customer. There are the obvious customers, people across the nation. But then there are current and former federal employees, businesses large and small, the government’s contracting community, other agencies and even other nations. Likely, there are more.
The point? Agencies offer services to a host of “customers,” and they want to make each interaction — “experience,” in the current parlance — with all of them efficient, effective and fulfilling.
As Labor Department Chief Innovation Officer Chike Aguh put it quite succinctly: “The day someone files for employment insurance is the worst day of their lives. … That is the wrong time to give them a very complicated form and say, ‘Figure it out.’ ”
Seems unfathomable, right? Not really, because it’s not that difficult to see how the government got here. Unlike a private company, a federal agency often has no competitor for its services. That fact has created a lag in the evolution of federal CX and digital services — relative to what businesses and nongovernment organizations typically provide today and what people now expect.
Agencies are on it now though. The presidential executive order on customer experience of December 2021 targets the need to evolve CX and points up the destructive affect that poor service delivery has on public trust. The EO specifically identifies high impact service providers (HISP) across government — agencies with intense public-facing services.
To meet the expectations of the public, as well as the many other customers agencies serve, demands a multipronged strategy that focuses on culture, processes and technology.

Vanessa Roberts
Editor, Custom Content
Federal News Network

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