Preparing for Advanced AI Begins by Getting Your Data Ready

Featuring Chris Townsend, Vice President of U.S. Public Sector Sales at Elastic.

All agencies have been working since the data strategy was published to figure out how to better operationalize and use their data. And there's a lot of companies out there that have popped up to help with that, in a lot of different areas. And I think we're starting to see a lot of convergence and building more cohesive agency-wide data strategies. I think we saw the use of data in pockets, and, you know, if you had an operations group over here that was doing fraud detection, they may be indexing and using their data for something over here, the cybersecurity folks may be using it, the customer experience, folks may be using it.
But now agencies are looking to, "Hey, what should we be doing agency wide enterprise wide in terms of our data strategy? What tools should we be consolidating out? Why are we indexing our data over and over, duplicating our data, paying for multiple storage solutions, paying for multiple tools to index the same data repeatedly?" So I think we're seeing a lot of consolidation around data and seeing a lot of consolidation in the tool sets.