Agencies Can Relieve Citizen Burdens by Modernizing Their Workflows

Featuring Fred Butler, Senior Director for Industry Strategy and Solutions at DocuSign.

In working with agencies and thinking about how we kind of worked with the appeals process, we were able to see that agency recognize value that included a 70% reduction in email. There was an improvement from 99 to 17 days in terms of the workflow process. And this generates value for both the customers and their constituents.
DocuSign as a whole, really accelerates the experience across virtually any platform or device. We eliminate manual tasks with configurable and automated workflows.
There are so many standard forms that are completed by government employees, by government applicants, by individuals looking to receive services from the government. And all of those processes, if they were digitized, the workflows would be streamlined, reduction in the number of errors that were in those documents, it would reduce the time that it takes to process the documents.
You know, we're seeing examples in agencies where things that may have taken 100 hours have been reduced to a few hours in one day. And it's just about thinking about what's working and how can it be done better, differently.