Government Websites: Using Analytics to Drive the Best User Experience

Today’s Innovation in Government Report highlights citizen experience. Greg Reeder, the Head of Government-Industry Strategy at Adobe, says understanding why citizens are coming to a website or service will help agencies meet their expectations and needs.

It's a lot to do with having the analytics decide what the best experience is for the user, understanding the algorithms behind human behavior. Adobe does that pretty well. We're 100% digital experience focused.

Things like personalization. If you go to a typical government website today, it's mainly a group of lists. The most used object on a government website is probably the search bar because things aren't always that easy to find. Analytics plays a big role into making sure they understand what type of person is coming, where they're coming from, and change that information dynamically at the last millisecond like commercial sites do today.

When you go to those sites, they're assuming who your persona is and they're trying to deliver you the best possible experience.

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