Part of the Dell Technologies family of companies, Secureworks features a comprehensive portfolio of managed network and endpoint security solutions as well as incident response and consulting services backed by the expertise of its Counter Threat Unit TM research team and the global visibility that comes from protecting more than 4,400 clients in 61 countries. By collecting data from each of those clients’ devices and environments, Secureworks is able to see a clear picture of the threat landscape and provide both countermeasures and valuable context to clients worldwide.

With Secureworks’ solutions, governments and educational institutions can can:

  • Protect critical government and citizen data, as well as intellectual property from insiders and sophisticated threat actors
  • Safeguard critical infrastructure systems
  • Meet and exceed compliance regulations and industry best practices Identify vulnerabilities and risk
  • Assist organizations in adapting security policies, procedures and infrastructure to defend against increasingly advanced cyber threats
  • Securely transform their core processes and services by utilizing digital technologies, to provide their constituents, students and employees with optimized services and solutions. Assist organizations in securely embracing digital transformation

Secureworks and Carahsoft and its network of partners, can now offer government entities and educational institutions a portfolio of trusted security solutions and services, so that that they can focus on their core organizational goals, without taxing their resources.


On-Demand Webcasts

On-Demand Webcasts

Secureworks Webcast: The PowerShell Risk

Secureworks Counter Threat Unit® - Special Operations Researcher, Lee Lawson, discusses how security leaders and practitioners can leverage his experience to reduce the risk and understand how to defend against PowerShell threats in your organizations.

You Will Learn:

  • What PowerShell is and how it is used in "living off the land" attacks
  • Why built-in tools like PowerShell are so attractive to threat actors
  • Examples of malicious PowerShell use
  • How to defend your organization against common methods to evade prevention and detection

Watch now to learn more in this informative webcast!

The Secureworks Perspective: WannaCry (WCry) Ransomware Attack

On May 12th, a large cyberattack using WannaCry was launched infecting hundreds of thousands of computers in 150 countries.

This ransomware attack has hit multiple continents and continues to spread and propagate – meaning the worst might not be over.

Join Secureworks Counter Threat Unit™ (CTU™) researchers, Keith Jarvis and Aaron Shelmire in this exclusive client webcast, where they discuss details of the WannaCry (WCry) Ransomware attack. Our experts will discuss this and similar attacks and help your organization explain the importance of avoiding malicious attempts and the value of keeping up to date with patches and software versions.

In this webcast we discuss:

  • History and timeline of how it began
  • What is this ransomware and how it operates
  • How to avoid becoming a victim
  • How to be vigilant of misinformation
  • Secureworks recommended actions to protect yourself
  • Interactive Q&A session

Click here to download the on-demand webcast.

Effective Security for the Public Sector – Beyond the Fundamentals

Today’s threat actors are more persistent and creative than ever. While anti-virus and firewalls are a good start, an effective information security program needs to be more sophisticated to protect your organization from threat actors intent on stealing sensitive data, causing disruption of services or hacktivism.

Join this webcast to learn how a strong cybersecurity program can protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive data from theft, respond to ever–changing compliance regulations, and why an incident response plan is critical to risk management.

Click here to download the on-demand webcast.

4 Reasons Next-Generation Antivirus Should Be Your Next Managed Service

There seems to be no shortage of threats these days with attackers constantly innovating and combining different techniques with classic malware.

New ransomware variants, targeted espionage campaigns, and attacks that don’t use malware at all are just a few threats that put your organization at risk. As each new attack generates global headlines, it can feel a bit overwhelming.

It’s increasingly clear that the signature-based approach of traditional antivirus (AV) can no longer provide the protection needed to keep attackers off your endpoints. Join John Collins, SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit Principal Architect and Mike Viscuso, Carbon Black CTO, as they discuss how managed Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV) goes beyond malware prevention to ensure that organizations of all sizes stay out of the security headlines and one step ahead of emerging cyber threats.

You will learn:

  • •What are the indicators that I need NGAV?
  • •How do I know when it is time to make the move from traditional AV to Next Generation Anti- Virus?
  • •Why is managed NGAV better able to address Ransomware, PowerShell and WMI threats?
  • •What managed NGAV can do for you

Click here to download the on-demand webcast.

It's About Time. Quantifying the Value of Time in Threat Detection and Incident Response

The stakes for enterprise investments in threat detection and incident response capabilities are getting higher, as evidenced by empirical data from successful cyber attacks detected and remediated by Secureworks, a Dell Technologies company.

The sheer growth and complexity of the technical threat landscape and vulnerability landscape means that merely keeping up is no longer enough. In cybersecurity, time is currently working in favor of the attackers — and time is the strategic advantage that the defenders need to regain.

Join Derek Brink, vice president and research fellow for Aberdeen Group, and John Collins, Operations Manager for the SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit Special Operations Team and Advisory Systems Engineer for threat intelligence services, to gain fact-based insights into:

  • Real use cases where time to detect has impacted the business outcome
  • Trends in threat actors and motivations – and how this affects your strategies for protection, detection, and response
  • Quantifying the value and ROI of faster detection and response – for both attacks on availability (e.g., unplanned downtime or slowdown), and attacks on confidentiality (e.g., a data breach)
  • The increasingly important role played by third party threat detection and incident response in this rapidly evolving context

Click here to download the on-demand webcast.

When a Good Security Tech 'Breaks Bad'

When you have spent significant financial and human resources to configure and protect your network and digital assets, purchased several new security tools and software, and now you’re wondering if those technologies will be able to protect your organization against potential cyber intrusions.

Join this webcast and hear from Daniel Gortze, Delivery Manager for the Secureworks Incident Response & Forensics Consulting Team, who will examine real-life scenarios in which security technologies failed, and even worst cases where threat actors used an organizations' own security technologies against them. Dan will not focus on the pros and cons of particular technologies, but rather examine the need for proper security architecture and the residual risk posed by the required pervasive visibility of many security technologies. He will also share experience and insights from the field.

Key Topics Covered Include:

  • Examples of threat actor abuse of security technology in real-world Incidents
  • Anti-Virus Abuse
  • Exploiting Whitelisting Misconfiguration
  • The Human Weak link
  • Lessons learned and actionable insights

Click here to download the on-demand webcast.

Analysis Paralysis: Billions of Logs to Incidents that Matter

Most organizations have set up a security model that includes a first layer of security event management, responsible for capturing of logs, notification, filtering and some level of correlation. However, with the escalating number of users and logs from more and more devices, making sense of the noise and translating them into incidents that matter can be a daunting task. In this webcast, Tony Merritt, SecureWorks Managing Principal, will cover how to leverage logs and tactics to integrate the proper incident response.

Topics covered include:

  • Sensing: The challenge of ever increasing in-bound noise and priorities
  • Improving Sensing: What logs and events matter? How do you ensure you have visibility?
  • Sense Making: Not all logs are created equal. The importance of correlation, business context, rules and use cases to determine if the incident matters.
  • Decisions Making: An event has passed a threshold of incident viability. How do you connect logs and tactics into actionable response?

Click here to download the on-demand webcast.

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SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit® - Special Operations Researcher, Lee Lawson, discusses how security leaders and practitioners can leverage his experience to reduce the risk and understand how to defend against PowerShell threats in your organizations.You Will Learn:
What PowerShell is and how ...