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Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) HSTS05-12-A-MED002

CONTRACTOR: Carahsoft Technology Corp.
BPA ISSUE DATE: August 20, 2012
BPA EXPIRATION:     August 19, 2016 (subject to annual review)

This is a DHS-wide BPA vehicle to acquire Universal Serial Bus (USB) portable storage devices in order to fulfill the requirement for encrypted USB devices by DHS and its components. This BPA provides devices that ensure protection for all government "data-in-transit" or "data-at-rest" with a minimum of Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Publication 140-2 Security Level 3 requirements for cryptographic modules with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard encryption (AES-256) in accordance with Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) Publication 197.The BPA also offers the remote central management software and web-hosted remote central management required to support remote centralized administration of said devices.


DHS has established an agency-wide ordering agreement with Carahsoft Technology Corp. for Imation encrypted USB devices and remote centralized management devices. Available items are listed on Carahsoft Technology Corp.'s DHS BPA dedicated website, Additional information can also be found by viewing our complimentary and customized webinars. Upcoming webinars and archived versions can be found at



DHS personnel with registered purchase cards (P-Cards) shall be authorized to place orders within the limit of their procurement authority. P-Card holders who are not further warranted as contracting officers above the micro-purchase level may not place orders exceeding $3,000 unless they are certified Ordering Officials, in which case the purchase limitation shall not exceed their delegated procurement authority. Delivery orders may be placed by a DHS or component organization contracting officer.


  • Orders may be placed using delivery orders, purchase orders, through the DHS marketplace, via the Carahsoft Technology Corp. web portal, electronic data interchange (EDI), fax, email, or telephone. All warranted DHS Contracting Officers, DHS Ordering Officials, and authorized government purchase card holders acting within the scope of their delegated procurement authority are authorized to place orders. The following purchase limitations will be applied to orders placed on this BPA:
    • Individual purchases/orders placed by government purchase card holders shall not exceed $3,000.00
    • Individual purchases/orders placed by an authorized Order Official shall not exceed their delegated procurement authority
    • Individual purchases/orders placed by a warranted Contracting Officer shall not exceed their warrant authority
  • Upon placing the purchase/order, Carahsoft Technology Corp. will execute the following steps:
    • Provide an order receipt acknowledgement
      • For P-Card holders, Carahsoft Technology Corp. shall send an email notification to the purchaser within 4 hours acknowledging receipt of order. This will include:
        • The Carahsoft Technology Corp. order number
        • The DHS Purchase order number
        • A summary of items ordered
        • The Total amount of order
    • Notify the purchasing agency or organization if said item is out of stock
      • If the item is out of stock, the ordering agency or organization may then request a back-order, substitute for an available product, or cancel the item from the order. Carahsoft Technology Corp. will not make any unauthorized substitutions.
      • Carahsoft Technology Corp. will inform the ordering organization of the availability dates for unfilled and partial shipments.
    • Seek approval for partial shipments prior to ordering from the CO, COTR, or authorized purchaser if applicable
      • If partial shipment has been approved, Carahsoft Technology Corp. will provide availability dates for unfilled and partial shipment orders.
    • Provide shipping notification in the form of a tracking number
    • Provide automatic tax exemption, where applicable, for all purchased covered under this contract


  • Encrypted USB devices will be delivered within seven (7) business days, unless otherwise specified on the purchase order. If the order will require expedited or priority shipment, please indicate on the purchase order so that we may promptly fulfill your order.
  • Carahsoft Technology Corp. will notify the ordering individual immediately if the item requested is out of stock, in which case the ordering agency or organization may choose to request a back-order, substitute for an available product, or cancel the order. Carahsoft Technology Corp. will not make any unauthorized substitutions.
  • Carahsoft Technology Corp. will provide shipment notification in the form of a tracking number for every order. Shipment notification will be provided within twenty-four (24) hours of placement to the email address specified by the purchaser. If the item is out-of-stock and the agency or organization has requested a back-order, Carahsoft Technology Corp. will provide an estimated delivery date.


  • Products delivered to DHS or any of its component organizations that are found to be in an unacceptable condition may, at the discretion of the authorized purchaser, be returned to Carahsoft Technology Corp. within thirty (30) days of the receipt.
  • Standard commercial warranty applies for all Imation products. Imation warranty can be found at (link to Imation warranty). Imation's warranty does not extend to devices that have been determined to have failed due to user error.
  • For devices that have failed, please contact Imation Technical Support at 1-888-595-3069 or If the device cannot be fixed, a replacement device will be supplied at no cost to the DHS user.


The price list is found on attachment HSTS05-12-A-MED004 Price Schedule. Please click here to view the full Authorized Product and Price List under the BPA.


Terms and conditions of the BPA are based on a GSA schedule. GSA terms are applicable and can be found at Carahsoft GSA Terms & Conditions.


Carahsoft Technology Corp. points of contacts (POC):

POC Stephanie Crews Imation Government Team at Carahsoft
Voice (703) 230-7534 (703) 230-7595

Government points of contact (POC):

  TSA Contracting Officer (TCO)
POC Ingrid Pascall
Voice (571) 227-2773

  Technical Point of Contact (TPOC)

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