• Why Agencies Need to Put People at the Center of Their IT, Process Transformations

    Stephen Ellis, Government Solutions Lead at Zoom, explores how the change agencies have experienced over the last two years hasn’t just been extraordinary in many ways, but forced them to rethink every part of their mission delivery.

    • Customer Experience, Zoom
  • The Best of What’s New in Government Customer Experience

    Experience is everything as governments transform service delivery.

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  • What Experience Means Now

    Governments confront intertwined issues of access, usability and equity.

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  • Empathy Is Key to Exceptional Experience

    Contact centers have rapidly modernized the constituent experience in response to the pandemic. Christina Angel, senior solution consultant for U.S. public sector at Genesys, discusses self-service, AI, and other trends and strategies to deliver empathetic service experiences with technology.

    • Customer Experience, Genesys
  • Digital Workflows That Empower Constituents

    The pandemic redefined public-facing services, creating an urgent need for better digital experiences. Tom Yeatts, global head of state, local and regional government solutions at ServiceNow, and Chris Dilley, CTO/chief architect of state and local government and higher education at ServiceNow, discuss how a unified service management platform helps organizations meet these new demands.

    • Customer Experience, ServiceNow
  • Modernizing Document Workflows to Improve Service and Equity

    Electronic document signing is one discrete task in a chain of events that occur within a modern contract life cycle. Michael (MJ) Jackson, vice president and global head of industries for DocuSign, discusses how modernization improves user experience for residents and creates efficiencies and other tangible returns for government agencies.

    • Customer Experience, DocuSign
  • Reinventing the Customer Journey

    Delivering outstanding resident experiences is easier said than done. Jill Leyden, Qualtrics government industry advisor, discusses technologies, strategies and key tenets for raising the bar on the resident experience in state and local government.

    • Customer Experience, Qualtrics
  • Adapting to New Customer Behaviors and Expectations

    The pandemic has created new needs and expectations around customer experience. Joshua Smith, digital transformation leader for public sector at Acquia, discusses tools and strategies for creating great content and personalizing constituents' digital interactions.

    • Customer Experience, Acquia
  • Video Teleconferencing Puts Humans at the Center of Interactions

    Video teleconferencing plays a vital role in helping organizations get closer to the communities and constituents they serve. Jennifer Chang, head of U.S. state and local government for Zoom, discusses how organizations can effectively bridge the gap between in-person and virtual engagements.

    • Customer Experience, Zoom
  • Moving Toward a Better Experience

    Phil Bertolini shares his thoughts on potential roadblocks to improving government experience and offers insights on how public sector leaders can move forward on transforming the way agencies interact with constituents.

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  • Agencies Can Connect the Data to Drive Productivity Improvements

    Chris Aherne, Vice President of Federal at Smartsheet, discusses how data is the fuel that is driving agency mission success.

    • Big Data, Smartsheet
  • FNN Expert Edition DevSecOps

    Learn just how far agencies have come and where they still need to go to take fully advantage of DevSecOps to drive modern capabilities to their customers.

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  • Applying DevOps Principles to Achieve Software Supply Chain Security

    Prakash Sethuraman, CISO at CloudBees, says the problem is software supply chain security is too big a problem to leave to any one group.

    • DevSecOps
  • 5 Ingredients for Successful Mobile DevSecOps

    Brian Reed, Chief Mobility Officer at NowSecure, explains how the mobile app coding and security bar is much higher for both developer knowledge and skills.

    • DevSecOps, NowSecure
  • Software Bill of Materials is the First Step to Improve Software Supply Chain Security

    Jeremy Bryan, Solutions Architect and Technical Lead at Anchore, discusses how, to improve their software supply chain security, organizations need to establish a strong foundation.

    • DevSecOps, Anchore