• The Benefits of Automated, Risk-Based Testing

    John Phillips, Vice President of Public Sector at Tricentis, explains that a scriptless, no-code approach to test automation improves the efficiency and security of software development.

    • DevSecOps, Tricentis
  • Incorporating Security into Mobile Apps

    Jeff Miller, Vice President of Public Sector at NowSecure, details how important innovations in mobile app testing help agencies meet their digital transformation goals.

    • DevSecOps, NowSecure
  • The Best of What’s New in Mobility

    A confluence of factors push governments toward a wireless future.

    • Mobility & Telework, All
  • The Great Unwiring

    Mobility moves from convenience to necessity.

    • Mobility & Telework, All
  • Driving Innovation with Mobility

    Kevin Tunks, chief architect and national technology adviser for Red Hat, discusses innovative approaches to integrate mobile-centric workloads, secure mobile applications and prepare for 5G.

    • Mobility & Telework, Red Hat
  • Mobilizing Your Enterprise Securely

    Mobile applications introduce new security vulnerabilities. Brian Reed, chief mobility officer for NowSecure, describes the risk landscape and shares key steps to a mobile application security program.

    • Mobility & Telework, NowSecure
  • Addressing Today’s Mobile Threats

    Today, mobile devices are prime targets for cybercriminals because they contain more and more sensitive employee, constituent and operational data. Jim Kovach, vice president for public sector at Zimperium, explains why signature-based threat detection is obsolete and device attestation is in.

    • Mobility & Telework, Zimperium
  • Moving from Mobile-First to Mobile-Only

    In this Q&A, the BlackBerry Sales Engineering team lays out key considerations for state and local governments as their mobility programs expand and morph to take advantage of emerging technologies and accommodate new use cases.

    • Mobility & Telework, BlackBerry
  • The New Mobility Equation

    Omar Sandoval, director of government programs for the Center for Digital Government, shares insights on how mobility implementations are changing and how agencies can take advantage of the opportunities these shifts present.

    • Mobility & Telework, All
  • The Best of What’s New in Cybersecurity

    Bigger threats drive new approaches.

    • Cybersecurity , All
  • Centralizing Cyber

    States and localities increase coordination with the federal government.

    • Cybersecurity , All
  • Navigating Security in a Fast-Changing Environment

    Hybrid work, multi-cloud deployments and increasingly vulnerable software supply chains are just a few of the cybersecurity challenges that organizations face today. Brandon Shopp, group vice president of product for SolarWinds, discusses cybersecurity trends, threats and solutions organizations should keep top of mind as they move into the future.

    • Cybersecurity , SolarWinds
  • User Identities in a Zero-Trust World

    A key pillar of Zero Trust is identity, which uses capabilities such as multifactor authentication (MFA) to continuously verify the identity of a person or device. Hanna Wong, director of public sector marketing for Keeper Security, discusses how organizations can modernize their identity security approach to move toward a Zero-Trust model.

    • Cybersecurity , Keeper
  • Secure Collaboration for the Work-from-Anywhere Future

    The massive shift to remote work highlighted the need to modernize the way state and local governments protect content used in collaboration and workflows. Murtaza Masood, managing director for state and local government at Box, discusses how government leaders can secure content while making it seamlessly available to workers and constituents.

    • Cybersecurity , Box
  • What High-Performing Security Organizations Do Differently

    Organizations that implement a range of best practices are better at closing IT security gaps and making the most of their cybersecurity investments. HPE executives Joe Vidal, master technologist in the company’s Office of North America CTO, and Allen Whipple, server security and management solutions business manager, discuss key strategies for improving and simplifying IT security.

    • Cybersecurity , HPE