• Remote Work Is Here to Stay

    Like many cybersecurity leaders, MK Palmore, VP and Field CSO for Palo Alto Networks, foresees state and local governments will continue remote work after the pandemic subsides. In this Q&A, he discusses the threat landscape and strategies for securing remote access now and in the future.

    • Cybersecurity , Palo Alto Networks
  • The Power of Visibility and Threat Intelligence

    Tom Topping, Senior Director of Strategic Programs at FireEye, details how agencies can better focus their cybersecurity efforts with continuous visibility into their organization and their adversaries.

    • FireEye, Cybersecurity
  • Addressing Evolving Application Threats

    Raymond Pompon, Director at F5 Networks, discusses the complexities of protecting componentized applications and digital services and suggests ways to stay ahead of today’s application threats.

    • Cybersecurity , F5
  • How Employees Can Boost Cybersecurity

    Jim Hansen, Vice President of Products for Application Management at SolarWinds, discusses how the right monitoring controls and a well-trained workforce can go a long way toward improving security.

    • Cybersecurity , SolarWinds
  • Hybrid IT Environment Opens the Door for Agencies to Modernize

    Dave Egts, the Chief Technologist for Red Hat North America Public Sector, explains how DevSecOps is an important approach to development for agencies striving to provide streamlined services to citizens while operating in hybrid IT environments.

    • Red Hat, Open Source
  • Executive Viewpoint: A Conversation with John Hale

    John Hale, the Chief of Cloud Services at the Defense Information Systems Agency, shares his experiences on DoD's shift from defense-in-depth to zero trust strategies to better authenticate mobile devices and support the warfighter.

    • Cloud, Cybersecurity , All
  • A Better Approach to Telework Security

    Morey J. Haber, CTO and CISO of BeyondTrust, explains why privileged access management and cloud-based security are essential for protecting a remote workforce.

    • Cybersecurity , BeyondTrust
  • A Government-Friendly Form of Open Source

    GovTech's public sector research team breaks down the numbers behind the growing trend toward open source adoption and details the reasons enterprise open source is particularly attractive to state and local governments.

    • All, Open Source
  • Leading Change with Data During This Time of Crisis

    Srinivas Kosaraju, Senior Director of Public Sector at Tableau, describes how data can provide the information and transparency to drive informed decision making by government agencies and gain citizens' trust during times of crisis.

    • Big Data, Tableau
  • Visibility and the Quest for Zero Trust

    Telework is here to stay; Dennis Reilly, Vice President of Public Sector at Gigamon, analyzes how agencies can adapt with pervasive network visibility and analytics.

    • Cybersecurity , Gigamon
  • The Growing Need for Asset Management

    Matt Kraning, CTO and Co-Founder of Expanse, explains why eliminating blind spots is even more important now that IT resources no longer live in secure enclaves.

    • Cybersecurity , Expanse
  • Taking Threat Detection and Response to the Next Level

    An expanding attack surface, massive volumes of event data, and aggressive and capable adversaries are stretching threat detection and response capabilities. Barry Hensley, Chief Threat Intelligence Officer for Secureworks, hones in on security strategies to help organizations scale and be more effective.

    • Cybersecurity , Secureworks
  • Why Identity is the Key to Security

    New tools and strategies can help agencies protect systems while delivering a better user experience.

    • Cybersecurity , Akamai
  • Cyber Leaders on Identity Management

    Government leaders from the DoD, DoJ, FDIC and Agriculture Department join industry leaders from Radiant Logic, CyberArk, Okta and SailPoint to discuss the role of Identity Management in enabling more efficient access to resources and improving protection and authentication strategies.

    • Cybersecurity , CyberArk, Okta, Radiant Logic, SailPoint
  • The Key to Securing Cloud Resources

    As adversaries increasingly target IT administrators, David McNeely, Chief Strategy Officer of Centrify, explores how privileged access management rises to the challenge.

    • Cybersecurity , Centrify