• Report: The New Age of AI in Government

    With government, industry and the media shining a spotlight on AI, people are becoming increasingly aware of the revolutionary impact the technology has begun to have—and the dangers posed by careless, inappropriate or even nefarious uses.

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  • Report: Taking Cloud Security to the Next Level

    From data centers through clouds and out to the edge, 5G networks are facilitating innovation at an unprecedented pace.

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  • Report: CMMC: Securing the Defense Industrial Base

    As the Defense Department moves forward on its cybersecurity requirements for contractors, a growing ecosystem of technology providers is helping companies navigate the journey to certification.

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  • In-Q-Tel: The Translator Between DOD, Start-ups

    Featuring Barry Leffew, the vice president of government platform accelerator for In-Q-Tel

    • In-Q-Tel
  • Expert Edition: How to Scale DevSecOps

    In this ebook, we share insights from both government and industry leaders about how to successfully move from pilots and limited agile programs to full-blown agencywide DevSecOps implementations.

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  • Why SASE is More than a Buzzword for Zero Trust

    Wayne LeRiche, the federal civilian field chief technology officer and solutions architect for Palo Alto Networks Federal, discusses how secure access service edge sets a framework for agencies to more easily implement a zero trust architecture.

    • Cybersecurity , Palo Alto Networks
  • Report: 5G: Powering the Government's Digital Transformation

    From data centers through clouds and out to the edge, 5G networks are facilitating innovation at an unprecedented pace.

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  • Tapping Into the Enormous Potential of 5G

    By transforming telecommunications, 5G is a linchpin for innovations that promise to revolutionize government operations.

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  • The Unifying Nature of 5G Technology

    Chris D. Thomas, technical strategist at Dell Technologies, explains why, with 5G, agencies can bring together all their digital transformation efforts into one powerful system.

    • 5G, Dell Technologies
  • Why 5G is Indispensable for Frontline Agencies

    Paul Battaglia, vice president of public sector at Federated Wireless, discusses how the technology is revolutionizing areas as diverse as surveillance, supply chain management and battlefield surgery.

    • 5G, Federated Wireless
  • The Key to Creating More Flexible 5G Networks

    Rishi Bhaskar, senior vice president and general manager at JMA Wireless, details software-based 5G systems will enable agencies to rapidly adapt to changing demands and truly modernize communication systems.

    • 5G, JMA Wireless
  • Sharing Critical Information in Real Time

    Richie Obermayer, VP of technical sales at GuardSTACK Technologies., discusses how 5G's ability to speed data analysis and communication is improving situational awareness and mission outcomes across government.

    • 5G, Guardstack
  • How Agencies Can Reap the Benefits of 5G

    Derrick Frost, senior vice president of operations and general manager of private wireless at Kajeet, explains that private wireless and neutral host networks can help agencies capitalize on the speed and security of 5G.

    • 5G, Kajeet
  • Private Networks and the Evolving 5G Ecosystem

    Derek Gallagher CTO at Druid Software, details how robust 5G networks combine best-in-class components to deliver flexibility, simplicity and low cost of ownership.

    • 5G, Druid
  • The endless possibilities for AI-powered problem solving

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